2049 AD. After his fight against the bubble hordes in the cave of darkness, Flappy Shrimp Ninja Blob must defeat le Blue Water Saussage.
Problem! Flappy Shrimp Ninja Blob cannot swim! "That's not a problem, people" says Ninja Blob, "I'll send my best Shrimp bullet in the water and guide it using TELEPATHY!". What an unconventional weapon !

Goal :

Hit the Blue Water Saussage with the Shrimp bullet !

Controls :

SpaceBar : Release the Shrimp !

Left - Right : Orientation of the Shrimp

Up : Shrimp go go go !

Down : Shrimp wait wait wait ! !

The shrimp cannot move out of water, remember !

If you're stuck, press R to restart the level

Press M to return to the map selection screen

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